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Game Development track

Live coding program for teens aged 14+

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What you will learn

Year 1, Semester 1, Oct-Jan

You will learn beautiful and powerful C# programming language. C# is used in app and game development extensively, and is the main Unity game engine programming language.

Year 1, Semester 2, Feb-May

Unity is excels when it comes to mobile, web, 2D and 3D game development. Games like Among Us, Rust, Kerbal space program and Escape from Tarkov are made with Unity.

Year 2, Semester 1, Oct-Jan

You will get deeper into Unity C# programming. Programming is an important component of game development, which infinitely extends the possibilities for game logic. 

Year 2, Semester 2, Feb-May

Final project. You will team up with other students to create a real-life game, publish it and participate in a real Game Jam! This is how popular games born.

Program details


Watch this short intro from Keron.

Keron streaming

Lead Instructor


Keron Sepp is Unity Student Ambassador, streamer and teaches Unity games development at Datorium. He has graduated from Solent University(UK) with a degree in BSc Computer Games Software Development. He has previously worked professionally as a Unity3D developer in the United Kingdom and Estonia and was a mentor at Khan Academy. At moment Keron works in the cybersecurity and site reliability field in Estonian Energy company and is part of a indie game development team.


The lessons will be delivered in real-time by the live tutor, where participants actively communicate, ask questions and work on their projects. After each lesson enrolled students will have access to video recordings of that particular and all previous lessons.

Yes! You can get 15% off, if you make a yearly payment. Plus you get 100% money back guarantee, if you change your mind during the first month of the program!

You will start with a C# programming languge, which is one the most popular and modern languages used both in application and game development. In the second semester you will lean working with Unity game engine, by creating mini projects. You will learn collision basics, object interaction, ray-casting, particle effects, level design and many more game development ralated topics. In the third semester you will learn more advanced C# Unity programming to create more advanced game logic and interactions. In the last semester you will team-up with other students and create your first fully functional serious game under the supervision of a professional game developer. You will participate in a real GameJam (game making competition) and get ready to continue your jeurney in the global fast growing game industry.

Unity is one of the most popular game development engines. Engine, is the set of ready made tools that make game development much faster and smoother. For example, game engine takes care of collision between objects, lighting of objects and scenes, camera positioning and many more (otherwise you have to programme the whole physics yourself, whcih is very time consuming). Games like Among Us, Rust, Kerbal Space Program, Escape from Tarkov are made with Unity game engine.

C# is a popular programming language, combining the best from C/C++ and Java. It is very modern and powerful language used both in application development and game development. C# is also the official programming language of Unity engine.

Datorium community is more than 7500 students predominantly from Europe and aged 14-19. We informally call ourselves Datorians. Every Datorium student becomes part of this growing and strong international community, and gets excellent 24/7 support from its members. You can chat, ask questions, make suggestions, find team members, share your experience, get valuable ideas from other members and simply make new friends in the Discord server of Datorium community.

Every Datorian can earn tokens, called botCoins which accumulate to reputation and can be exchanged to valuable goodies. Accumulated botCoins also give users exclusive access to certain community giveaways and events.

Yes, indeed, if participant completes at least 80% of the curriculum of the program. Certificate will be issued by the “European Coding School” (license number 3351803339) – an official Education Institution licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the European Union member country Republic of Latvia.

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